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    Professional eco-safe rug cleaning service in Chicago

    Area rugs are important part of home interior and as any furniture they collect dirt, allergens, food and pet substances. If placed in high traffic area process of soiling happens even faster. We understand how frustrating dirty area rugs can be. And EcoPro has a solution for that. Total cleanliness of rugs – that is what we care about most. EcoPro cleaning allows eliminating all bacteria, body oils, pet hair, stains and soils causing bad look and unpleasant smell. Clean and appealing like brand new look – the result of EcoPro professional rug cleaning service.

    We offer professional rug cleaning service in Chicago and suburbs.

    Experience the expert approach of Chicago rug cleaning for immaculate rug care services tailored to your needs. Multistage cleaning technique provided by EcoPro ensures your rugs are clean, free of residue, look bright and fluffy after a professional treatment. EcoPro rug cleaning eliminates dirt, heavy soils, dust, bacteria causing allergy and asthma, body oils and fungus. Area rug cleaning cost is always lower that purchasing a new one. Let yourself enjoy absolute cleanliness and freshness of your rugs with one of the best rug cleaning in Chicago. Our steam-cleaning method with professionally selected green cleaning components is the premier solution for restoring the vibrancy and cleanliness of your area rugs in Chicago.

    The area rug cleaning service provided by EcoPro is safe for kids and pets.

    We clean all types of area rugs and oriental rugs.

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    EcoPro cleaning procedure:

    1Inspection of rug condition and soiled areas, moving light furniture and selecting most suitable cleaning solution.

    2Pre-vacuuming, pretreatment and agitation. We dry vacuum the rugs to pick up loose hair, soil, dust and debris. Pretreatment is applied based on type of fiber and then worked into the surface with scrubbing machine to loosen dirt and soil.

    3Steam-extraction. Our EcoPro steam cleaning equipment employs heavy-duty low moistery machinery, ensuring the swift yet meticulous removal of soils, particles, fluids, and unpleasant odors from your rugs.

    4We apply light scented deodorizers which create appealing and fresh smells after steam cleaning.

    5Scotchgard protection (by request). EcoPro carpet cleaning is offering professional dirt protection. It creates an invisible barrier against dirt and stains and helps to keep clean look of your rugs for longer.

    EcoPro, a professional rug cleaning company in Chicago, is fully committed to meeting all your needs. We offer a wide range of additional services to ensure your rugs look completely clean and fresh, as new.
    Eco-green cleaning
    presprays and spotters
    IICRC certified cleaning
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    EcoPro is certified to professionally clean rugs of any content:

    Natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton, viscose etc.)
    Synthetic fivers (nylon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic etc.)

    Area rug treatments:

    1 Professional odor removal (organic, smoke, flood odors etc)

    2 Pet hair removal (manual brushing and vacuuming)

    3 Enzyme treatment (active bacteria that digest any urine or protein leftover in carpets eliminating source of odor)

    4 Anti-allergen treatment (hypoallergenic odor free disinfecting prespray)

    5 Scotchgard protector (application of stain protective coating)

    Wool rug cleaning in Chicago by EcoPro

    Just like any other rugs, wool rugs need special care and maintenance to look appealing. Being made of natural fiber these rugs need to be treated with neutral PH cleaners and low moisture cleaned. EcoPro is certified to clean wool rugs. Yet we have professionally selected pretreatments that are 100% eco-green.

    Most of the oriental rugs are hand made of wool. Subsequently they need to be gently and professionally cleaned in a same way as other wool rugs. If you are based in Chicago oriental rug cleaning by EcoPro is your premier choice for maintaining the beauty your floor furnishings.


    What is the method Eco-Pro uses for area rug cleaning?
    We apply low moisture steam extraction cleaning method. It helps to eliminate bacteria, fungal spores, allergens, mite excrements urine stains. Alone with steam extraction we combine only professional green cleaning solutions, spotters and deodorizers which are absolutely safe for your kids and pets.
    Where is the rug cleaning provided?
    We provide on-site cleaning. We do not pick up rugs for cleaning.
    How long does it take to dry?
    Allow 6-8 hours for area rug to dry after a professional cleaning service. Synthetic rugs tend to dry faster and natural fibers like wool dry longer. Drying time depend on indoor humidity and ventilation.
    Is there a guarantee for stain removal?
    We have huge number of successful stain removal projects. Red wine, pen ink, markers, food and pet accidents – we have fixed it all. But unfortunately, when it comes to rug fibers – there are some substances which lead to permanent color change. Our rug cleaning service crew is trained to determine most effective cleaning solution for each type of stain to deliver best possible results.
    How does scheduling work for rug cleaning service?
    Contact us via text, contact form or give us a call and we will get back to you. We will ask for your zip code, details about your size and content of your rugs and will give you an exact quote instantly as well as a few time booking options.
    Do I need to provide or pay parking for Eco-Pro vehicle?
    You do not have to provide parking or pay for parking. We use portable heavy-duty equipment to provide rug cleaning services on site. Our cleaning technician will be at your door on scheduled time with all the necessary equipment. We require neither fees for parking nor gas allowance.

    EcoPro crew and equipment

    All of our technicians are skilled to deliver best rug cleaning service to each home. Each staff is security background checked, has undergone qualification training program and is keen of delivering professional rug cleaning services. We use professional heavy-duty steam-extractors combining them with innovative eco-green cleaning solutions and deodorizers.

    Satisfaction policy

    EcoPro carpet cleaning has implemented 10 days satisfaction policy. We are aimed to complete your satisfaction by any means. Contact us to notify about any concerns and we will be more than happy to assist. Either spot cleaning or a complete re-cleaning. Eco-Pro is willing to make you love your carpets and upholstery again.