Commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance programs in Chicago

EcoPro carpet cleaning procedure:
  1. Inspection of carpet and soiled areas, moving light furniture and selecting most suitable cleaning solution.
  2. At this stage we pre-spot traffic areas and stains, apply eco-safe shampoo to a carpet. High ph-level formula interacts carefully with all the dirt and harmful elements allowing them to be extracted easily.
  3. Steam-extraction. EcoPro steam cleaning equipment is powerful modern heavy duty machines allowing carefully yet fast remove any soils, particles, fluids and bed smells out from the carpet.
  4. Stain removal. We work thoroughly on carpet stains using effective eco-safe cleaning solutions. Some of them require multiple cleaning to reach best look and cleaning results.
  5. We apply light scented deodorizers which create appealing and fresh smells after steam cleaning. In case if your carpet was badly affected by urine or any other strong smell substances we provide odor treatment to substitute and eliminate bad smells.
  6. Scotchgard protection. EcoPro carpet cleaning is offering professional dirt protection. It creates an invisible barrier against dirt and stains and helps to keep clean look of your carpets for longer.

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    EcoPro crew and equipment. All of our team members are skilled to deliver best carpet cleaning results to each home. Every staff is security background checked, has undergone qualification training program and is keen of delivering professional cleaning services. We use professional heavy duty steam-extractors combining them with innovative eco-green cleaning solutions and deodorizers.   Satisfaction policy. EcoPro carpet cleaning has implemented 10 days satisfaction policy. We are aimed to complete your satisfaction by any means. Contact us to notify about any concerns and we will be more than happy to assist. Either spot cleaning or a complete re-cleaning. Eco-Pro is willing to make your love you carpets and upholstery again.