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    Leather furniture cleaning in Chicago

    EcoPro is aimed to assist our clients to maintain appealing look of home decor. Leather furniture along with being bringing remarkable comfort requires regular maintenance care. As the time passes your leather furniture slowly loses its shine and softness.

    We provide professional leather furniture cleaning service in Chicago.

    EcoPro cleaning approach helps worn-out, dirty and dried leather become new and indulge you again. We use professional leather cleaners and conditioners to rejuvenate your leather furniture. Leather cleaning solutions selected by EcoPro experts do not cause any side effects making your furniture look just like you want it. That is the result of professional leather furniture cleaning service we provide by EcoPro in Chicago.

    EcoPro cleans all types and colors of leather furniture.

    Our experienced crew is trained to handle any color and type of leather. Any stains or dirt is professionally cleaned not causing any harmful side effects. Leather furniture cleaning system will make your beloved piece of furniture well maintained and attractive again.

    EcoPro delivers best leather cleaning results using only professional leather cleaners.

    Before & After

    EcoPro leather cleaning procedure:

    1Your leather furniture is thoroughly examined before the service. We define type of leather, its condition and level of soiling and any existing damages.

    2Treatment preparation. All the dust and dirt particles are carefully wiped to prepare leather surface for cleaner application.

    3Manual cleaning. Professional cleaner removes soils and dirt sitting in leather pores restoring the original color of furniture.

    4Conditioning and moisturizing. At this step leather absorbs conditioners, leather pores are filled with moisture which makes your furniture look shiny and soft again.

    EcoPro is completely oriented to fulfill all your needs. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning company offers wide range of additional services that your leather furniture may need to look completely clean as new.  
    Eco-green cleaning
    presprays and spotters
    IICRC certified cleaning
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    EcoPro services the all types of leather furniture:

    Leather sofa
    Leather couch
    Leather loveseat
    Leather chair
    Leather recliner
    Leather ottoman
    Office leather furniture

    EcoPro professionally cares about all color variations and types of leather:

    Full grain
    Top grain
    Split grain
    Aniline and semi-aniline
    Pigmented and protected
    Faux leather

    Leather furniture treatments:

    1 Professional odor removal (organic, smoke, flood odors etc)

    2 Leather protection (application of stain protective coating)

    EcoPro crew and equipment

    All of our team members are skilled to deliver best leather furniture cleaning results to each home. Every staff is security background checked, has undergone qualification training program and is keen of delivering professional leather furniture cleaning services. We use professional leather care cleaners and conditioners to handle any case scenarios.

    Satisfaction policy

    EcoPro carpet cleaning has implemented 10 days satisfaction policy. We are aimed to complete your satisfaction by any means. Contact us to notify about any concerns and we will be more than happy to assist. Either spot cleaning or a complete re-cleaning. Eco-Pro is willing to make you love your carpets and upholstery again.