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    Professional eco-safe mattress cleaning service in Chicago

    Experience superior results with our professional mattress cleaning Chicago services, delivering exceptional cleanliness and freshness to your bedding.

    Cleanliness of mattress is one of the most essential home values. We understand how important it is for health and sound sleep. Mattress cleaning cost is always lower than the cost to buy a new mattress. And cleaning of mattress could be a difficult thing to do by yourself. That is why we are there to make your mattress perfectly clean and free of any residue or undesired microorganisms. Refresh and revitalize your sleeping environment with our expert cleaning mattress services.

    We offer professional mattress cleaning services in Chicago and suburbs.

    EcoPro provides mattresses cleaning eliminating sweat, blood, urine, skin cells, mold and mildew, body oils and toiletries present in your mattress. A professional selection of effective eco-safe cleaning solutions allows avoiding any toxic or chemical based products for mattress cleaner service. Combined with powerful steam extraction method EcoPro cleaning mattress service stands out from other known cleaning techniques.
    EcoPro uses only eco-safe cleaning solutions in mattresses cleaning services.

    Clean from dirt and any unwanted substances your mattress will let you relax with pleasure again. Experience the difference with our professionally clean mattress service for a healthier and more comfortable sleep experience.

    Before & After

    EcoPro professional cleaning mattress procedure:

    1Inspection of a mattress and defining stained areas. At this stage EcoPro technician selects the most appropriate cleaning solution based on the source of stains.

    2Pretreatment of stained areas of a mattress. Depending on the stain origin only suitable eco-safe cleaning solutions are applied to interact with urine and other bodily fluids stains so as to work on dust and dirt on a mattress. Cleaning pee from mattress requires enzyme application which is offered by EcoPro to ensure best cleaning results in any scenario.

    3Steam-extraction. High pressure steam is the main stage of mattress deep cleaning. It penetrates top layer of a mattress eliminating all bacteria and bodily fluids. It also removes all cleaning solutions previously applied. Powerful suction carefully removes all the treated stains and dirt.

    4Deodorizing. EcoPro fabric refreshners leave pleasant scent after cleaning mattress to enjoy complete cleanliness. After last step a professionally clean mattress is ready for a revitalized and hygienic sleep environment.

    EcoPro is completely oriented to fulfill all your needs. Our mattress professional cleaning offers a range of additional treatments that your mattress may need to look completely clean as new.
    Eco-green cleaning
    presprays and spotters
    IICRC certified cleaning
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    EcoPro cleans mattresses of any type and size:

    Pillow top
    Memory foam
    Orthopedic etc.
    Twin (full size)
    California king
    Futon mattress
    Crib mattress
    Toddler mattress

    Mattress ad-on treatments:

    1 Professional odor removal (organic, smoke, flood odors etc.)

    2 Enzyme treatment (active bacteria that digest any urine or protein leftover in fibers eliminating source of odor)

    3 Anti-allergen treatment (hypoallergenic odor-free disinfecting prespray)

    Discover the rejuvenating effects of a deep cleaning of a mattress, revitalizing your sleep space for a healthier night’s rest. Enhance your bedding with our comprehensive clean mattress service from EcoPro, ensuring a fresh and comfortable sleeping experience.

    Cleaning mattress with urine

    Accidents happen and they should not be a reason to throw the mattress away. While cleaning urine from mattresses on your own could be very challenging – we are there to help.

    We specialize in effectively cleaning urine in mattress, ensuring a fresh and hygienic sleep environment for you and your loved ones. To clean urine mattress stains EcoPro uses enzyme-based formula, that digests any present urine substance in fibers. Then it’s followed by thorough hot water extraction making sure there is no any residue. To clean urine on mattress, it may require organic peroxide-based spotter in order to dissolve salts that cause yellowing in mattress upholstery. It’s a natural treatment that leaves no residue and dissolves into water and oxygen. Additionally, we recommend to clean urine mattress stains as soon as possible, as mattress upholstery is normally made of natural and white fibers that easily absorb organic colors. Our expert team is aimed to clean urine stains from mattresses, restoring them to their pristine condition.


    What is the method Eco-Pro uses for mattress cleaning?
    We apply steam extraction cleaning method. Along with it we use only professional green cleaning solutions, spotters and deodorizers which are absolutely safe and non-toxic.
    Where is professional mattress cleaning provided?
    We provide on-site cleaning. Eco-Pro cleaning equipment is portable and we will bring all necessary supplies for any case scenarios.
    How long does the cleaning take?
    Normally it takes 45-60 minutes for a queen size mattress cleaner service. This includes all necessary prepping stages, spotting, general pretreatment and steam extraction.
    How long does it take to dry?
    Allow 8-10 hours to dry. Such factors as warm indoor humidity, air conditioning and air flow significantly reduce drying time.
    Is there a guarantee for stain removal?
    We have huge number of successful stain removal projects for mattresses cleaning. Bodily fluids, sweat, spilled drinks, dye transfer – we have fixed it all. But unfortunately, when it comes to fabrics – there are some substances which lead to permanent color change. Our mattress cleaning service crew is trained to determine most effective cleaning solution for each type of stain to deliver best possible results.
    How does scheduling work for mattress cleaning in Chicago?
    Contact us via text, contact form or give us a call and we will get back to you. We will ask for your zip code, details about the size of your mattress and will give you an exact quote instantly as well as a few time booking options.
    Do I need to provide or pay parking for Eco-Pro vehicle?
    You do not have to provide parking or pay for parking. We use portable heavy-duty equipment to provide upholstery professional cleaning on site. Our cleaning technician will be at your door on scheduled time with all the necessary equipment. We require neither fees for parking nor gas allowance.

    EcoPro crew and equipment

    All of our team members are skilled to deliver best professional mattress cleaning results to each home in Chicago and suburbs. Each technician is security background checked, has undergone qualification training program and is keen of delivering professional mattress cleaning in Chicago. We use heavy-duty hot water extractors combining them with innovative eco-green cleaning solutions and deodorizers.

    Satisfaction policy

    Seeking professional mattress cleaner service? EcoPro mattress cleaning has implemented 10 days satisfaction policy. We are aimed to complete your satisfaction by any means. Contact us to notify about any concerns and we will be more than happy to assist. Eco-Pro is willing to make you enjoy your clean mattress again.